Beautiful And Peaceful Loch Ailort

During my recent Scotland trip we had a day out. As lovely as it was around Glencoe, we decided to travel out to the most western part of mainland Britain. On the way we passed Loch Ailort. We still had the low cloud, but it looked so beautiful we had to turn around and find a place to park. With the tide out we had plenty of space to wander out and have a look around. Once away from the road it quite secluded, and incredibly peaceful.

My mate is used to me stripping off at times when out and about on our photography trips, so is fine with me taking time out to enjoy the freedom of being clothes free. The air was very still, the temperature mild, and with the secluded peacefulness of the area, i could not only get some photos, but have time to really take in the beauty of the place whilst nude.

I don’t think most people really understand why some of us love being naked in the great outdoors. Clothes are there to protect us when we need it, but the feeling of the air against the body, to feel like you’re a part of the natural environment. It’s our natural state, and a state i strongly believe we should be able to experience much more.

I took my photos of myself, then wandered quite freely with just wellies and a camera. I wore the wellies as it was extremely difficult to walk around the rock and the seaweed barefoot. But this again is perhaps because we’re so accustomed to clothing that we cover our feet all the time, therefore we struggle to walk in natural surroundings.

I had perhaps an hour to not only enjoy freedom from clothes, but also to just wander about and enjoy the area. Other than the odd car passing distantly on the road, the only person around was a young woman kayaking passed at a distance in the Loch. There was something quite magical about the place whilst we were there. I’m so glad we decided to stop off for a while.








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